Those that register for the symposium until March 16th can apply for oral presentation. The abstracts will be evaluated by blind external reviewers, regarding their scientific quality and insertion in the field of brain or immune metabolism. Abstracts not meeting the criteria or not in agreement with the below-mentioned format will be rejected. The Scientific Committee will select up to 8 abstract submissions to present as short talks (8 minutes presentation + 2 minutes of Q & A). Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to submit an abstract for consideration for oral presentation.


Abstracts must follow the ‘introduction, methods, results and conclusions’ format. Inclusion of quantitative data and the number of experiments (mean values ± S.D. or S.E.) as well as details of appropriate control experiments is recommended. The evaluation will rely on the following aspects: originality, significance to the field, interest to a general audience, quality of the writing and overall quality of the study.

Specific instructions:

  • For the text, it should be used 12-point Times New Roman Font (1.5 line spacing). Abstract title should appear in BOLD, in 12-point Times New Roman Font;
  • Please list the authors (forename followed by surname) and affiliations directly under the title using 1.5 line spacing;
  • Maximum of 300 words;
  • Each submitted abstract should only have one presenting author, whose name should be underlined;
  • Indicate each author’s affiliation with a superscript numeral following the surname;
  • Abstracts must be clear, concise, and verified for correctness of spelling and grammar in advance of submission;
  • The presenter’s last name should be shown as the document file name for your abstract;
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English and selected oral presentations must be given in English;
  • The file should be submitted in PDF format and should not be larger than 10 Mb;
  • Acknowledgment of financial support should be presented in the last line of the abstract;
  • You can only send your abstract after payment approvement via your account page.

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